Still Holding on to Wilson Phillips

Wilson Phillips

I have always enjoyed Wilson Phillips.  I have always enjoyed their clean, new-agey sound even though I was just a child when they burst onto the scene.  I think I may have been the only child in my kindergarten class who preferred Wilson Phillips to Raffi.

Given this, of course I was quite delighted when I saw their new reality show: “Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On.” A few things about the show troubled me, however.

Apparently, Carnie Wilson has had another weight-loss surgery.  Good for her health but, as far as I’m concerned, Wilson Phillips is just not the same with a skinny Carnie Wilson.  As Rip Torn’s character in “The Larry Sanders Show” said:  “The heavy one has such a pretty face.”  Two skinny chicks, one rubenesque beauty, all banging out great music.  That’s Wilson Phillips, in my book.

Carnie was always my favorite because I was heavy as a child (in fact, I’m heavy as an adult) and it made me feel good to see a heavy person being revered and celebrated.  Now save your scathing, badly misspelled comments saying “But I thought you hated Adele because she’s fat, now you’re talking about how you love Carnie Wilson because she’s fat.” To the brainless and inattentive layman, that may appear to be the case.  However, if you can be bothered to demonstrate a first grader’s reading comprehension level, you’ll recall that I despise Adele because she is a cheap imitation of the great singers of yesterday and today.  Further, I would submit that Adele is dangerously close to being a Carnie Wilson rip-off. Adele is a rip-off of many singers, but it would seem that she has pilfered much of her act from Carnie Wilson, if you ask me.

Even years ago when Carnie Wilson was SUPER skinny, I really did not view her as the same entertainer I had come to love.  Selfishly, I was happy to see her heavy again because it was like home base for me.  Watching the new Wilson Phillips reality show just made me excited to see that they are back on the scene doing the damn thing again.

The show really is what you’d expect from a reality show. Manufactured arguments, dramatic pauses, editing to inflate what really happened, etc. The added element of Chynna and Wendy ganging up on Carnie was a bit of a shock inasmuch as I always suspected that this occurred behind the scenes but was surprised that they’d be so barefaced about it in the show.  What was most appalling to me was the fact that they showed Carnie after her surgery and all Chynna and Wendy cared about (according to what was shown) was if she was going to be ready to tour or not.  Also, Carnie’s vulgar and infantile bathroom humor is not only off-putting but a little out of place, I dare say. (But I love her so I’ll let it slide.) I saw this same thing when Carnie was on celebrity wife-swap but hoped it would not reappear in the Wilson Phillips reality show.  Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

Irrespective of all of this, I am still quite happy with the show because it means that Wilson Phillps is back together doing what they do best. I say this because I’m inferring that the show is just one big advertisement for their upcoming tour.  I just hope their tour brings them to San Jose. If that’s the case, I’ll be there screaming my head off in the shirt that I bought at a merch stand there for way over the price it should be.



One response to “Still Holding on to Wilson Phillips

  • Elizabeth

    To be honest, I only heard of Wilson Phillips a few years ago. Back in the day in my country, what got massive airplay was soul classics and R&B, so we were always belting out hits by Keith Sweat, Mariah, Whitney….So if Wilson Phillips had a hit in ’97/98, we were more focused on learning the lyrics to ‘The Boy Is Mine’. 🙂

    Reality TV is just a mess these days. The only shows that give me a thrill would be Amazing Race and Survivor. May Wilson Phillips make a comeback without compromising on their uniqueness.

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