Marina Diamandis is the Anti-Adele; I Guess that Makes Me Pro-Marina Diamandis

I have a new heroine in the music world and she goes by the name Marina Diamandis.  More to the point, she actually is a solo act called “Marina and the Diamonds”  (Obviously a play on the fact that her name sounds very much like the word “diamonds.”)

Irrespective of all of this, she has declared herself the anti-Adele.  Given this, that means that I am, de facto, a Marina and the Diamonds fan.

While the fact that Marina Diamandis is the anti-Adele, that is not the only reason I like her.  I like women with a little edge. . .O.K., I like women with A LOT of edge.Women like Nadia G., (who is not a musician, per se, but still deserves a mention because Nadia G. is gorgeous and I love her.) Lita Ford, Laura Branigan, Joan Jett and, well, you get the picture.  I love a woman who has more than her fair share of tattoos and can rock a guitar, bass, or drum kit. The idea of a woman putting on a faded Screeching Weasel t-shirt and driving to work, Camel wide hanging out of pierced lips and listening to Sevendust whilst traveling at well over the legal speed limit gets me more aroused than I care to admit.

Given what I have learned about Marina Diamandis since I found out about her in a Daily Mail article from today, Marina Diamandis seems to fit the bill.  To be succinct, if Adele is Pat Benatar, Marina Diamandis is Ann Wilson (or Nancy Wilson for that matter.)

In all due and proper honesty, fairness, disclosure, bluster, proclaiming, drum-beating, grandstanding, and chattering, I gave Marina Diamandis a chance because she’s anti-Adele, but I became a fan of hers because she is a top quality performer, the likes of which the world needs desperately.

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