Tommy Merry-The Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of

Tommy Merry’s work is by leaps and bounds among the best I have ever heard. For my money, I consider their work to be along the same lines (and in the same league as) Metallica, Megadeth, Godsmack and soloists like Joe Satriani and musicians of his ilk. While Tommy Merry has a slightly softer sound than the aforementioned metal bands, their work is deep and complex. If you’re looking for cheap power chords and lyrics that are annoying and get stuck in your head, Tommy Merry is not the band for you. Tommy Merry’s music is absolutely delightful because each song is like a journey and the expert playing of all of the musicians shines through.  These are men whose instruments are played as if they are attached to their bodies.

While Tommy Merry did enjoy modest success, I think that the band never became a household name like the other bands I mentioned because the scene was beginning to change.  Make no mistake, I think that Tommy Merry is right there with Metallica, Godsmack and other bands which are part of the lexicon of metal.  However, their music is a deep, sensual, and intellectual experience.  In other words, their music is art and an intelligent listener will appreciate it. Unfortunately, based on the fact that bands like Maroon 5, Sum 41, The Black Eyed Peas, Blink 182,  and similar vapid, irrelevant, hacks have enjoyed the success they have enjoyed, fans don’t want intelligent-they want mainstream appeal and instant gratification.  Carefully composed music will not appeal to the bonehead mass audience.  Annoying, contagious musical rubbish will.

With their level of expertise, Tommy Merry could have reinvented themselves into one of those pop-garbage bands.  However, they stayed true to who they were and NEVER sold out their principles.  For this reason as well as their talent, Tommy Merry is a band that will always have my respect.


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