On Music with Bishop and Warlord

I can remember being 8 years old and hearing this song played across the local rock station. I turned the radio up. I was enthralled. “Would?” is like a rainy, grey, Seattle afternoon-a little depressing, but not off putting, you’re drawn to it strangely; the desperation of it captivates you. It is an embodiment of the tabula rasa of the grunge scene and its origins.

This is an absolutely flawless rock-recording. It is the epitome of what a hard rock song should be; throaty lyrics, heavily distorted guitars and that desperate, wonderfully hopeless feeling which any good grunge song should offer.

This piece appeared on the 1992 album “Dirt” from Alice in Chains and is arguably their most well known song after “Man in the Box”. It also appears as a live performance in the 1992 film “Singles” which is set in Seattle during the grunge scene. I must say…

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