Game On, Shame On

Game On: The Wanted

Probably because it has a distinctly Russian vibe with the electronic accordion (They’re from the UK and Ireland, I know,) and also because The Wanted are the first boy band that I don’t want to slap. Their hit song, “I’m Glad You Came” has become one of my favorites. Based on my knowledge of music, The Wanted have “one-hit-wonder” written all over them, but I do hope that they begin churning out some more great work like they already have.

Shame On: Nicki Minaj

In a previous post I declared that I love Nicki Minaj because she is a rapper.  I would like to personally thank her for making a fool of me.  Since I posted that, she has released some of the most prepackaged crap that has ever assailed my eardrums.  I have not quite done a 180 on her, but I no longer consider myself a fan of hers. Oh, I would still like to sleep with her though. That hasn’t changed.  Come on, I’m still a guy after all.


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