I Love You, Carrie Underwood

I hate American Idol.  I hate Country Music.  Carrie Underwood is a product of both.  And, yet, I love Carrie Underwood.  If I hate both avenues with which she is most associated, it underscores just how impressive Carrie Underwood us for her to be able to get ME of all people to see past her ‘Idol beginnings and her genre of origin.

Why do I love Carrie Underwood?  Is it because she’s pretty?  Well, she’s definitely pretty but she’s not really my type.  First, I have similar coloring/complexion as she so we’d have that brother/sister thing happening.  On top of that, she’s a little pale for my taste (With all due respect to Caucasian females, I like a darker-skinned woman.)

I love her because she’s real.  Her voice strains to hit each note.  There is a genuine quality about her and, yes, I actually like her music.  Whenever people accuse me of liking country, I tell them I hate country music (because I do) but they invariably counter with reminding me that I like Carrie Underwood.  “Exception that proves the rule.” is my automatic retort.

I really can see why Carrie Underwood has earned the moniker of “her highness” and I hate that she does not get as much mainstream attention as Adele, Rihanna, and (God Help Us) Fergie.  She is a country act through and through but, unfortunately, that genre kind of holds her back.  Let’s face it, country is popular, but even the most popular country act is not as popular as the most mainstream act.  Regardless of this, I will continue loving Carrie Underwood and I hope she always stays true to who she is and doesn’t sellout.


One response to “I Love You, Carrie Underwood

  • Elizabeth

    For you and all the other Underwood fans’ sake, I hope she doesn’t sell out, either.

    I liked Rihanna when she made her debut with “Pon de Replay” but gah! Nowadays she’s just horrendous to listen to or watch.

    Many of today’s artists are sell outs, and it sucks that they’re the ones getting all the praise, attention and awards.
    Heaven’s sake, Alison Krauss and Carrie can carry tunes better on wheelbarrows than plain-voiced Taylor Swift but Swift gets to be showered with glory. Even international artists like Delta Goodrem who sing like angels don’t get the attention they oughta be getting!

    Darn teenboppers.

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