A Break from the Music-Shame on You, EA

EA pretty much ruined the Mass Effect series with the disappointing ending of Mass Effect 3.  Spoilers warning!

The ending to Mass Effect 3 is probably the worst ending of any video game that I have played in recent memory.  It leaves so many questions unanswered, creates new questions, is extremely unclear about which path to take and comes across as very rushed. When those ridiculous deus ex machina sequences with chasing the kid through the dark woods first reared their ugly heads, I knew something was amiss.  By the way, those dream sequences aren’t new.  Ever heard of Max Payne?

The Mass Effect franchise, up to that point had been probably one of the most innovative, well-thought out, intuitive games on the market.  However, the ending to Mass Effect 3 was an apparent afterthought.  It was a lot like having sex with a stranger-it felt rushed and awkward, you felt bad when it was over, and the whole thing was pretty much a grievous and regrettable mistake.

EA, how DARE you ruin the Mass Effect franchise with your soft, weak, ending.  You kowtowed to public pressure and sold out with a ridiculous, irrelevant, and unnecessary multiplayer feature.  If you had spent some of the time on the ending OF YOUR ENTIRE SERIES instead of so much time making the multiplayer, perhaps the capstone to arguably the crown jewel of your brand would not have turned out to be such an atrocious miscarriage of electronic media.

One response to “A Break from the Music-Shame on You, EA

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t play video games but I think I can relate with those movies that have weak endings.
    “Watdafaq!” is my usual reaction.

    Pole sana that they ruined something cool for you 😦

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