I don’t watch American Idol but news from that selfsame show has reached my ears. From what I understand, the field is now down to the final 12 and a young man named Deandre Brackensick has made it to the final round. Deandre Brackensick is from my hometown of San Jose, CA and I would absolutely love to see a fellow San Jose native win American Idol. I am not advocating for him only because he’s from San Jose though. I have heard some of his stuff. He’s the real deal. He does have natural ability and I respect his talent. I do not relish my musical respect on just anyone as you’re aware if you’ve read this blog with any regularity. Michael Buble and Gavin DeGraw are famous and Deandre Brackensick is every bit as good if not better than those two.

Also, if he wins, hopefully it will break San Jose out of San Francisco’s shadow. San Jose is a bigger city, we have better parking and we’re the capital of the Silicon Valley. We should be more recognized than San Francisco. What, because we don’t have some stupid orange bridge or a penis-shaped tower we’re not as well-known? But I digress.

Anyway, hopefully soon, San Jose can add “home to an American Idol winner” to the list of accolades above. VOTE FOR DEANDRE BRACKENSICK!


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