Leaving No Tragedy Unturned

I will never understand the media in this country. America’s media are just a bunch of amoral, social parasites who will do anything they can for a story. Each “reporter” wants to come up with the next story that idiot bloggers (like myself) will eat up with a spoon and make into a viral sensation plastered across every vid screen you own. Access Hollywood, Extra, Oprah and all the people who capitalize on the flavors of the month to fatten up their bottom lines (and, in Oprah’s case, their waistlines.)

Now, Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina has become the latest cottage industry. Remember when, in the months following Michael Jackson’s death we saw his children plastered everywhere? Oh look! Blanket can dance just like his dad! said the repellant old vampire, Joe Jackson hoping that he could suck all of the talent out of his grandson and leave him an empty, used up emotional ketchup packet of a human being just like all of his kids. Now, Bobbi Kristina has become the latest entry into the limelight because some probably overpaid, coked-up producer in Burbank or Culver City or West Hollywood decided there might be an angle for a story on their show wherein advertisers would be willing to open their coffers and pay them for advertising. So a crack team was assembled led by Oprah and others of her ilk and their respective entourages to go and obtain the story and air it, tease it while you’re trying to watch Steve Wilkos or Maury or People’s Court so you will set your DVR, watch it later, view the ads then buy the products and everyone will be happy. Well, everyone except the young lady who just lost her mother. Gentle reader, please note that nowhere in this equation does compassion for the young woman who just lost her mother appear.

Could you even name Whitney Houston’s daughter 6 months ago? Did you even know she had one? Now, however, thanks to Oprah who made sure to get that image of her hugging Bobbi Kristina on every news station she could find, Bobbi Kristina is a household name. It is extremely tragic when, in America, a person becomes famous simply because their mother dies. My cousins lost their father, my uncle, two years ago. Did Oprah come to their house and hug them? A resounding no. So, don’t think that anyone who is giving that poor girl attention right now really, truly cares about her. They are using her to sell advertising space, boost ratings, and make any money they can extract, turning her tragedy into profit. If Oprah really cared about that girl, she would not have taken cameras with her. Then again, the equation is really sort of a macabre “chicken-and-egg” conundrum. These media outlets appear to care about Bobbi Kristina because her mother died, but, do they really care, or are they exploiting her heartache for their own ends? I think you can answer that one on your own.


2 responses to “Leaving No Tragedy Unturned

  • Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh! I’m glad you wrote about this!

    My sister and I were discussing this ‘exclusive’ interview of Oprah and Bobbi Kristina. Wasn’t Oprah begging people on Twitter to watch her network before Whitney died or something? And for her to get an interview with Bobbi a month after her mother’s death….it’s all about money. Any news related to Whitney is still “hot” and people are curious about Bobbi.
    Oprah’s got what she’s wanted for months -millions of viewers to tune in to her network on that day, companies to fork out millions during that show….

    Poor Bobbi. I hope she has one person who is truly on her side.

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