Do You Know How Lucky You Are To Live at the Same Time as Cher?

I love Cher. I mean, I seriously love Cher. She is owner of probably one of the top all-time greatest voices of all time. For my money, (in no particular order) the “Big Three” are Cher, Patti LaBelle, and the late, great, Whitney Houston. When you want a singer who can belt out a tune that makes the eardrums of the cheap seats vibrate without even THINKING of using any artificial means, it’s one of those ladies. Cher, however, has the distinctive, almost baritone thing happening. Her voice gives me goosebumps every time. And when I see those old “Sonny and Cher” recordings with her wearing the huge hoop earrings and the huge blanket of raven hair, my bones liquefy and I swoon. Cher is the REAL raven haired, Armenian Queen. . . and she didn’t need a sex tape of her and a sideshow performing, studio gangster to get her to the forefront either.

I know she used autotune during the “Believe” days which I constantly harp on so save your tersely worded e-mails. However, that was kind of the fad back then. Even Hetfield used it in “No Leaf Clover” during the live performance of S&M. It was kind of the trend back then. Further, if there is one person who used autotune because it was popular and not because she needed it, it is Cher.

Cher really is the real-deal, full package. She is an actress, musician and she did it before J.Lo and did it much better. The “artists” of today can aspire to be half as good as Cher but will fall a quarter short. Cher is what Adele WISHES she could be and if Cher ever does another tour, all of these useless acts that think they have skills will fall down like dominoes to bask in Cher’s brilliance.

2 responses to “Do You Know How Lucky You Are To Live at the Same Time as Cher?

  • Elizabeth

    Musicians today are wanna-be Chers, Pattis and Whitneys. It’s so awful that they have to do strip shows and flip birds on stage to keep people interested, like their voices aren’t enough. The ladies were/are classy not to go down that horrifying route. Even Whitney was classy enough to struggle through her addiction in private.

    Some artists today really try to be original – I’m only talking folk and acoustic folk musicians who are not trying to pierce our eardrums – but they all have someone they look up to.

    And as much as Adele – I share your dislike for her, remember? – wishes, she’s just another copycat.
    Are we the only ones who are seeing through her fake “originality” to the screeching cat within?

    PS: Have you ever listened to Whitney’s I Will Always Love You with headphones on? Every note is clear and it’s so wonderfully done that it’s almost…magical.
    May she rest in peace ;(

  • bishopandwarlord

    I concur. I also still get goosebumps when I hear Whitney singing that song. she was one in a million. Same with Cher in the dvd of the concert from her “Believe” tour. Even though she was close to 60, she still showed she has one hell of a set of lungs!! She was belting those songs out!

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