Incubus Must Know Someone

I heard an Incubus song on the radio today (I wasn’t driving so my vehement protests to having my eardrums assaulted by the heavy breathing that passes for music on terrestrial radio fell on deaf ears) and a new Incubus song came over the airwaves like the stench of your neighbor’s cigar wafting into your living room through an open window. While listening to the whining, shrill cries of that band, I was then convinced that Incubus must have an “In” with someone in the music industry to have hung on this long. I have it narrowed down to two possible scenarios:

A) Incubus and/or an agent of said are connected to someone in the music industry by birth or marriage and get their work perpetuated through nepotism.


B) Incubus and an agent of said may have incriminating material concerning someone in the music industry and gets their work played through the use of blackmail.

Irrespective of which scenario is true, this much is clear: Incubus sure as hell does not keep getting their work played because they are talented-there HAVE to be other factors at work.


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