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On Music with Bishop and Warlord

I can remember being 8 years old and hearing this song played across the local rock station. I turned the radio up. I was enthralled. “Would?” is like a rainy, grey, Seattle afternoon-a little depressing, but not off putting, you’re drawn to it strangely; the desperation of it captivates you. It is an embodiment of the tabula rasa of the grunge scene and its origins.

This is an absolutely flawless rock-recording. It is the epitome of what a hard rock song should be; throaty lyrics, heavily distorted guitars and that desperate, wonderfully hopeless feeling which any good grunge song should offer.

This piece appeared on the 1992 album “Dirt” from Alice in Chains and is arguably their most well known song after “Man in the Box”. It also appears as a live performance in the 1992 film “Singles” which is set in Seattle during the grunge scene. I must say…

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Linkin Park-“In the End”-2000

Remember when Linkin Park was good? You know, before people got over the whole two vocalist thing. The above captioned song appeared on their smash-hit debut album Hybrid Theory.  However, if you look at their body of work, their popularity waned with each new album.  I dare say that they have almost faded into obscurity.  Name their latest album and 5 songs from it without using Google or Wikipedia.  Go ahead-I’ll wait. Can’t do it, can you?  Sure Meteora the band’s second album, was cool, but if you ask me, it should have just been called Hybrid Theory part 2.  There was no evolution, no growth, no progression. This has been one of the problems for Linkin Park all along.

The above captioned song, however, is one of my favorites.  Ironically, it was a bit of unfortunate foreshadowing for the band because the chorus of the song serves as a perfect metaphor for Linkin Park.  The song is wonderful, however.  I love the keyboard riffs in the song and the perfect blend of rhythmic poetry and melodious harmony.  How many times have I felt the way the singers in the song feel?  Incalculable.  This is easily my favorite Linkin Park song.  This piece is really more than you can ask for from a song.  Also, it was one of the last new songs to come out that had depth to it instead of being pop garbage.

I know that I implied that Linkin Park wasn’t good anymore but I will grant that this is an unfair assertion.  The fact that Linkin Park does not enjoy the same popularity they once enjoyed is more of a sign of a changing music game instead of Linkin Park not being talented anymore. Are they talented? Of course. But, unfortunately, the majority of music consumers are mindless plebs who want vacuous, empty songs that are catchy instead of deep, emotional songs that actually get your mind working.

Game On, Shame On

Game On: The Wanted

Probably because it has a distinctly Russian vibe with the electronic accordion (They’re from the UK and Ireland, I know,) and also because The Wanted are the first boy band that I don’t want to slap. Their hit song, “I’m Glad You Came” has become one of my favorites. Based on my knowledge of music, The Wanted have “one-hit-wonder” written all over them, but I do hope that they begin churning out some more great work like they already have.

Shame On: Nicki Minaj

In a previous post I declared that I love Nicki Minaj because she is a rapper.  I would like to personally thank her for making a fool of me.  Since I posted that, she has released some of the most prepackaged crap that has ever assailed my eardrums.  I have not quite done a 180 on her, but I no longer consider myself a fan of hers. Oh, I would still like to sleep with her though. That hasn’t changed.  Come on, I’m still a guy after all.

I Love You, Carrie Underwood

I hate American Idol.  I hate Country Music.  Carrie Underwood is a product of both.  And, yet, I love Carrie Underwood.  If I hate both avenues with which she is most associated, it underscores just how impressive Carrie Underwood us for her to be able to get ME of all people to see past her ‘Idol beginnings and her genre of origin.

Why do I love Carrie Underwood?  Is it because she’s pretty?  Well, she’s definitely pretty but she’s not really my type.  First, I have similar coloring/complexion as she so we’d have that brother/sister thing happening.  On top of that, she’s a little pale for my taste (With all due respect to Caucasian females, I like a darker-skinned woman.)

I love her because she’s real.  Her voice strains to hit each note.  There is a genuine quality about her and, yes, I actually like her music.  Whenever people accuse me of liking country, I tell them I hate country music (because I do) but they invariably counter with reminding me that I like Carrie Underwood.  “Exception that proves the rule.” is my automatic retort.

I really can see why Carrie Underwood has earned the moniker of “her highness” and I hate that she does not get as much mainstream attention as Adele, Rihanna, and (God Help Us) Fergie.  She is a country act through and through but, unfortunately, that genre kind of holds her back.  Let’s face it, country is popular, but even the most popular country act is not as popular as the most mainstream act.  Regardless of this, I will continue loving Carrie Underwood and I hope she always stays true to who she is and doesn’t sellout.


Happy St. Patricks Day.  Is it the last of it’s kind?  It is 2012 after all!!


Anyway, there’s no better way to kick off St. Patrick’s Day 2012 than by celebrating the most famous band ever to come out of Ireland, U2. Their song “Vertigo” is one of my favorite songs of theirs.  Now, I don’t claim to be a u2 superfan, or anything but I have enjoyed their body of work over the years, albeit on the fringe.

Vertigo is one of those “stuck in your head” songs where you hear it and then you’re sentenced to two weeks of walking around going “hello, helloooooo…..hola!”

I love the fact that U2 seems to have a sense of kindness as well based on Bono’s charitable endeavors as well as the political messaging in some of their songs.  This passion shines through in their work. What I like best about u2 is that they are one of the last of a dying breed i.e. bands that make music because they have a message in their souls which must be expressed instead of creating “songs” as a product to be sold.  As music becomes more and more commercial, I begin to have an increasing appreciation for bands like u2.  Given this, I envision myself clinging to u2 and bands like them in the future.

Hats off, U2! Erin go braugh!

A Break from the Music-Shame on You, EA

EA pretty much ruined the Mass Effect series with the disappointing ending of Mass Effect 3.  Spoilers warning!

The ending to Mass Effect 3 is probably the worst ending of any video game that I have played in recent memory.  It leaves so many questions unanswered, creates new questions, is extremely unclear about which path to take and comes across as very rushed. When those ridiculous deus ex machina sequences with chasing the kid through the dark woods first reared their ugly heads, I knew something was amiss.  By the way, those dream sequences aren’t new.  Ever heard of Max Payne?

The Mass Effect franchise, up to that point had been probably one of the most innovative, well-thought out, intuitive games on the market.  However, the ending to Mass Effect 3 was an apparent afterthought.  It was a lot like having sex with a stranger-it felt rushed and awkward, you felt bad when it was over, and the whole thing was pretty much a grievous and regrettable mistake.

EA, how DARE you ruin the Mass Effect franchise with your soft, weak, ending.  You kowtowed to public pressure and sold out with a ridiculous, irrelevant, and unnecessary multiplayer feature.  If you had spent some of the time on the ending OF YOUR ENTIRE SERIES instead of so much time making the multiplayer, perhaps the capstone to arguably the crown jewel of your brand would not have turned out to be such an atrocious miscarriage of electronic media.

Dancing Asian Boy

Here is that video of the dancing asian boy (I think he might be Chinese based on the characters on the banner behind him) that everyone’s on about. I had to give this kid some love.