Radio Edits Need to Be Outlawed

For me, it is an extremely deflating feeling to be excited about finding a song I’ve been waiting to come to iTunes only to have that song cut out unexpectedly when it’s time to utter the first supposed curse words. I do not understand radio edits. The Christian Fundamentalists in this country can have radio shows condemning and demonizing gay people for wanting to get married, but I can’t find a version of “Soul Survivor” by Young Jeezy f. Akon that is uncensored. It just doesn’t make sense. Oh no! Akon used the “F” word! I’m so ashamed!

For me, limiting an artist’s right to express him or herself is not only the most abhorrent form of censorship, but it’s one step closer to tyranny in “Our Great Nation.-” a step which we can ill afford as we are dangerously close already.


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