Third Eye Blind-Probably One of the Best You’re Not Listening To

If you’re reading this and you’re in your late twenties like I am, you can probably remember the above captioned band’s song “Semi-Charmed Life” You know, it’s the one that goes “do do DO, do do do DOOOOOOO.” Yeah. That one. If you were alive and capable of conscious memory in 1997, there is no way you haven’t heard that song.

While that was and is their biggest hit, I fear that this band’s talent was overshadowed by “Semi-Charmed Life.” True, in 1999, they did enjoy another hit with with “Jumper” but it was not the same as their previous hit. The bottom line is, Third Eye Blind is underrated. Third Eye Blind is VERY underrated. I think that the mass appeal of “Semi Charmed Life” attracted so many fringe fans that they did not have a chance to showcase their very unique talents. While I was and am a Matchbox 20 fan, Third Eye Blind is every bit as good as Matchbox 20 and, yet, they do not get the same attention and fanfare that they’ve enjoyed. Indeed, I would argue that Third Eye Blind may even have the edge compared to Matchbox 20 because Third Eye Blind is so great at the uptempo stuff as well as the soft, introspective pieces.

If you haven’t listened to Third Eye Blind, go get some of their stuff. And don’t just stop at “Semi Charmed Life” and “Jumper.” Listen to their more obscure pieces and you’ll be impressed. If you’re not impressed, I’m guessing you’re just being contrarian, don’t have a good ear for music, or really just in possession of an unrefined musical palate.

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