Classy, Adele, Real Classy

I knew I hated Adele for reasons other than just the fact that she is an oversized, disgusting, shameful, putrid ludicrous, blight on humanity. I knew that I hated her for more reasons than just being devoid of any discernible talent, soul, or originality. Oh, and did I mention Adele is annoying? Adele, on behalf of myself and my (dozens of) readers, thank you for proving me right. Adele, when you flashed your oversized, pudgy, braunschweiger of a middle finger at James Corden and the audience at the Brit Awards simply for cutting your time short, you proved that not only are you a talentless hack, but also a classless piece of garbage.

Oh! How dare anyone cut the “great Adele”??? she has SOOOOOOO many great things to say!! Adele, go home and forget your troubles with 3 tubs of Chunky Monkey and two-dozen maple-bacon donuts like you always do. The producers had a job to do by adhering to their time constraint and, quite frankly, we’ve all had enough of you anyway. When the producers of the Brit Awards cut your time short, they displayed a humanitarian act of mercy so selfless that it would rival anything done by Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, or Jonas Salk. Adele, you’re fat, untalented, poorly dressed and you look frightful. You’re lucky anyone pays attention to you at all. Further, your album “21” is the sum total of all of your fans’ IQs.

By the way, congrats on your Brit Award, Adele!


3 responses to “Classy, Adele, Real Classy

  • RihannaRunsThisTown

    Haha I like this one – so true!

  • Kelly

    Because of all these fake and plastic celebrities we’ve had to deal with for so long people do not know how to deal with real artists and real beauties like Adele, who is not afraid to speak her mind. The amount of talent Adele has might be to hard for your little brain to comprehend.

    • bishopandwarlord

      The fact that you take it so personally that I have slighted someone who would ignore you if you ever met her proves that you are just as vapid and irrelevant as she. If you can be bothered to read previous posts (don’t overload your fragile cognitive ability) you’ll see that my quarrel with Adele is that she does not “speak her mind” but, rather, she is simply a cheap imitation of artists who do. Thank you for adding to my hit counter.

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