Game On, Shame On

Announcement: This is the first posting of “Game On, Shame On” which will hereafter be a forum wherein I give “kudos” to some facet of music (hence “Game On”) and a thumbs down (or, more to the point, middle fingers up) to another facet of music. If you don’t like this concept, there are probably a metric shit-ton of other blogs to read. If you do like this concept or still hate it but are compelled by your own hatred to continue reading it because I irritate you in such a milky-soft sort of way wherein you are simultaneously repulsed and enthralled (much like having a silkworm crawl on you) then you may continue to graze happily with my compliments.

Game On: Bruno Mars

Hot on the heels of probably the best Grammy performance I have ever seen (I hate the Grammys because they are pretty much a commercial for record labels but made a special point of catching his performance.) Bruno Mars has restored my faith in music. No! He has restored my faith in HUMANITY! Thank you, Bruno Mars for not being afraid to strain that voice to let us see your God-given talent and flout the prospect of using electronic means to give the incorrect assertion that you have talent like so many members of Maroon 5, Kanye Worst, and that cyborg who’s married to Jay-Z. Bruno Mars doesn’t need artificial means to show us he is talented. And he sure as hell doesn’t need more than one performance at the grammys to make me rethink my sexual orientation.

Shame On: The X-Factor

Screw you, Simon Cowell. I mean really, screw you. You are a vapid, oppressive, morass of cynicism and you make me ashamed to be human. You are a bilious curd in the creamer of entertainment and your every horrid emanation is more loathsome than the hissing of 1,000 writhing maggots. The way Simon Cowbell treated the gorgeous morsel of loveliness named Nicole Sherzinger was dreadful. She was the only bit of decency on The X-Factor and she was the only redeeming quality left on that show. Paula Abdul was pretty much a used-up burlap sack with some kind of speech impediment and the other idiot you saw fit to part ways with belongs in the Adam what’s-his-face from Maroon 5 category of people I won’t even bother to look up. Nicole Sherzinger at least appeared on the show as someone who had a shred of human decency and sweetness in the increasingly cutthroat and vile cesspool of the entertainment industry. Parting ways with her says a lot about Simon Cowell. My guess is that Simon offered Nicole Sherzinger the ol’ creamsicle and she refused it so she was consequently shown the door.


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