More Adele Hate

Watching a lovely episode of “The Office” (U.S. version) and I saw a commercial for Adele’s album “21.” Now, I’m not sure why Adele would use her dress size as an album title but, I digress.

In the commercial, a young woman was singing a song from Adele’s album. This young lady’s voice was beautiful. I’m not sure who the young lady is, but she outdid Adele on her own song, in a commercial for Adele’s own album. In my opinion, Adele should FedEx all of her ill-gotten Grammys directly to that young woman’s doorstep.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:

It was after watching this ad that I realized what Adele lacks: SOUL. That woman has no soul. She is a cheap imitation of the great, soulful singers of our time. In a world that has already said goodbye to a talent like Whitney Houston, soulful singers with actual, God-given talent are becoming increasingly rare. Moreover, Adele and singers of her ilk are piss-poor substitutes.

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