It’s Enough Already, Adele

How many more awards does Adele have to win before before we go “Hands Across America?” It is no secret that I hate Adele. My post calling her an annoying, fat, slob, is by leaps and bounds my most read posting. This proves two things: a) it proves that many others think Adele is an annoying, fat, slob, and b) it shows that others like me are so appalled by her so-called “talent” and are frankly staggered that she has received so much fanfare. In my opinion, Adele does deserve fanfare, but not because she is a good singer. I have heard better sounds coming from the back end of Paul Sorvino after a bad Thai meal. No, Adele deserves fanfare because she is the last surviving Woolly Mammoth.


5 responses to “It’s Enough Already, Adele

  • LainaLain

    I can’t even believe she got that many grammys.

  • Carl Princehorn

    What a joke that Adele is, thank God for posting. I just found my self typing “Adele is a fat slob” and bang everything comes up.
    She is no different to that other attention seeking fat slob in the ‘Babe’ movie, Magda Z from Australia. She has just (what else to do to get attention) now outed herself as a lesbian. Perhaps that will be Adele’s next album, 23 “I’m here, i’m a fat slob, get used to it”.

  • Elizabeth

    My dislike for her has nothing to do with her weight – considering how much FATTER of a fat slob I am than her.
    I’m just annoyed that she got so many awards that she did not deserve. Popularity affected the Academy’s votes for her, the anticipation for her performance was like the coming of the Messiah. Too much hype for an average singer.
    Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” would have sufficed for song of the year. A slap to the face to Adele, and I would have laughed some of my fat ass off.

    • bishopandwarlord

      I agree. I’m not exactly svelte myself. However, I don’t understand why she gets so much pub. Patti Labelle, even in her old age, is still twice the singer Adele is now and when Patti was in her prime, Adele could not even hope to be half as good.

      • Elizabeth

        Yay to that. She’s not an original product as her cult, I mean, fans, declare: she’s a wanna-be Etta, Ella and Aretha.

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