Goodbye, Whitney

Sad news today in the music world; Whitney Houston has died. I know that I harp and hate on people who use autotune and accuse incalculable artists of being talentless and, for the most part, I’m hard pressed to believe that I can be proven wrong.

Whitney Houston, however, was someone I respected and had probably a once in a lifetime voice that we won’t hear again. For me, the death of Whitney Houston is sad of course because she was a fellow human being and anytime someone dies is always a somber occasion, to say the least. From the standpoint of a music scholar, however, the loss of Whitney Houston means that another truly talented person is gone and like weeds, five more talentless, synthesized hacks will be greedily clamoring to jump up to the forefront. No one will ever take Whitney’s place, though.

I feel fortunate to have lived through her time and I genuinely believe that Whitney’s voice is absolutely the pinnacle of perfection. Her sheer voice alone makes me feel lucky that I lived during a time where I could witness her greatness. As far as I am concerned, there is no one better than Whitney (no one even close in my book) and no one like her will appear again. Goodbye, Whitney; today, you are truly immortal.

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