Remember, People; Chris Brown is a Scumbag

In my opinion, a man who beats a woman is the lowest form of life. End of story. Remember how Rihanna looked after Chris Brown got done with her? The poor thing’s face looked like a relief map of the Andes Mountains. Given all this, I was very angry when I saw a preview for an upcoming movie with Chris Brown in it! And get this; the producers of the movie had the audacity to put him in a movie about romantic relationships! Does this seem obscene to anyone else? CHRIS BROWN IS A WOMAN-BEATING PIECE OF HUMAN FILTH AND DESERVES NO POSITIVE ATTENTION.

Compare Chris Brown to Michael Vick: Michael Vick brutally killed several American and Staffordshire Bull Terriers (better known to non-dog people by their pejorative nickname “pitbulls.”) However, he is still booed unmercifully in stadiums, he is still constantly the subject of ridicule, and he will NEVER live that incident down. While it was disturbing and frightening that Michael Vick killed those dogs, he was sent to prison, lost his vast fortune, has learned his lesson, and shows that he has learned because he now educates others about the horrors of dog fighting in the hopes that they may learn from his mistakes. Further, Michael Vick killed animals and, while it was tragic what happened to those dogs, Chris Brown beat up a human being with brutality that even a UFC fighter would wince at. Also, what’s even more troubling is that not only has Chris Brown gotten off pretty much scot free, he still enjoys a movie and music career. He is still making music and was never really punished for what happened. Indeed, he exploited it as some sort of perverse publicity stunt! He had Robin Roberts give him softball questions in a “20/20” interview, shed a few crocodile tears, and that was it. The woman-beating piece of trash picks up pretty much where he left off.

So, if you only take one thing from my rambling here, let it be this: “DON’T FORGET THAT CHRIS BROWN IS A WOMAN BEATING SCUMBAG.” Hit a woman once, you wear that brand for life. No exceptions-even for Chris Brown.

Need a reminder of Chris Brown’s handiwork? See below. Warning: graphic images. use discretion.


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