Eagle Eye Cherry – “Save Tonight” – 1997

Not sure how, but this song has always followed me during memorable times in my life. This is one of those songs that I feel chose me instead of me seeking it out. Some of the aforementioned memorable times have been positive and some have been negative but, irrespective of the circumstances, this song always seems to find its way into my ears during memorable times in my life. The song is the same blend of happy and sad. It is an uptempo song with depressing lyrics.

I think that this song is successful because of the blend of sad lyrics and uptempo music. If the song had a more heavy-handed, dramatic pacing, the song would be depressing. However, the song, as presently constituted, is still enjoyable because of the upbeat music which tempers the maudlin lyrics and gives the song an overall hopeful tone.

The song also has a time-tested quality with heavy alternative flavor and hard rock influence but avoids being that wannabe hipster, pop garbage that bands like The Dave Matthews Band and (the now defunct) Sugar Ray have been known to churn out.

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