Are You as Sick of Maroon 5 as I am?

I swear if I hear that ridiculous whining in that “Moves Like Jagger” song one more time, I think I will lose it. The worthless piece of garbage that has the audacity to compare himself to a rock deity like Mick Jagger should be immediately hauled from his cushy lair and dragged into Rock Court and given a life sentence of listening to Fergie’s solo album. I think his name is Adam something. I could look it up, but why should I validate his existence? He’s so whack that I don’t even want to bother opening up a new window to find it out. What I hate most about the song is that it’s played out, HEAVY USE OF AUTOTUNE, and oh yeah, IT’S MAROON FUCKING 5! I abhor that pseudo band. The fact that they have no talent was proven at last year’s VMAs when Adam something sounded like a pitbull with its nuts in a vice.


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