The Cringe-Aptly Named, Indeed

Ahh the final post of 2011. And what better way to end the new year than with a little good music? Of course Auld Lang Syne should be mandatory on anyone’s playlist simply as a matter of principle. If you’re searching for good music, however, you should avoid any of the waste material that has been excreted by the alleged band “The Cringe.” Can you name any of their albums without looking at Wikipedia? Yeah, you’re probably like most people. I find it interesting that their name is “The Cringe” because “cringing” is exactly what I did when I sampled some of what they have the audacity to call music.

In my opinion, the proof that this pathetic excuse for a band made up of a haphazard hodgepodge of annoying, wannabe, weekend warriors, is the fact that John Cusimano (a.k.a. Mr. Rachael Ray) is their lead wailer. . .er. . I mean singer (in the loosest definition of the word “singer” I might add.) Don’t get me started on how much I hate Rachael Ray. However, it cannot be denied that the annoying, bubbly, disgusting, shameful, putrid, embarrassment to humankind has her own media empire. If her husband can’t get some airplay even when his wife can probably make one phone call and get his garbage music on the radio somewhere then, in my book, that is proof-positive that his band sucks. In my opinion, bands like this are an insult to the Ernie Ball guitar strings that they ruthlessly rape with their disgusting, untalented fingers.

Oh, and Happy New Year.


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