Christmas Songs. . .THAT I LOVE

Since I posted about Christmas songs that I hate, I thought it only right to post a few songs that I love in the spirit of the holiday and to prove that I’m not an uptight, humorless, killjoy.  Well, not entirely anyway.  Oh well, graze on these and go back to stuffing sugar cookies down your piehole.  Or do it simultaneously but just remember to take small bites and chew carefully.

1.  Run Run Rudolph (Chuck Berry version)-I just love this song and the way Chuck Berry puts so much passion into his praise of Rudolph.  I also like that song because it’s one of the few Christmas songs that actually acknowledges Rudolph’s existence as one of Santa’s reindeer (aside from his self titled song, of course.)  Also, I love Chuck Berry so it’s kind of a “two birds, one stone” deal.

2. Little Drummer Boy-I love the Christmas songs that are actually about Jesus.  I’m not a Bible thumper or some religious nut, but I am a Christian and I do think that Christmas has gotten WAY too commercial.  In addition to that, I am also a drummer and I just think the image of an economically disadvantaged boy playing a song for The Savior is a sweet image.

3. Go Tell it on the Mountain-I love this song as long as it is the uptempo, Gospel version.  It has to be sung by a group of middle aged African-American ladies, preferably wearing brightly colored silk choir robes or, for me, it just doesn’t have the same effect. I’m as white as snow so I have seen firsthand how wrong it is when people who share my (lack of) skin color try to sing Gospel or Soul.

4. Christmas All Over Again-This is actually the only Tom Petty song I like.  I enjoy it because it perfectly  captures how I feel every year at Christmas.  Every black Friday  I think to myself: “here we go again, another month of craziness.” I like it because he talks about Christmastime as joyous but enervating.  This is exactly how I feel.

There.  Now no one can accuse me of being anti-Christmas music.  Suck on that, haters.

Pere Fouettard


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