Can Bruno Mars Save Music?

It’s no secret that I feel that there is a lot of garbage littering the music scene today.  If you’ve read the frantic and frenetic scribblings on this blog with any regularity, you know  how I feel about autotune, many of today’s artists, and their alleged talents.

Bruno Mars, on the other hand, is a delight.  I have fallen in love with his voice and think that his is a rare talent that comes along once in a generation.  For my money, Bruno Mars belongs among any of the great singers of our time.  Am I saying he is up there with Sinatra?  Not quite.  But you know what? He’s off to a hell of a start if that’s where he wants to end up.  I would argue that he could stand toe to toe with a Michael Buble or a John Mayer or (God help us) a Josh Groban. I think he could even be held in the same regard as many of Motown’s legends (Again, I said in the same regard as Motown’s legends, not quite there yet, however.)  Dare I say, he could fit right in with The Temptations if they were still an up and coming group today.  Moreover, I think a strong case could be made that he has eclipsed those three gentlemen I named earlier.

I have to admit that I swoon every time I hear Bruno Mars’s voice.  The way he strains his voice to hit every last note without cracking, the way his natural talent shows through and he shoves a proverbial middle finger in the face of artificial, electronic aids that help singers with less talent achieve similar results because he sure as hell needs no help-he can do it on his own.

I usually don’t bandy around phrases like “breath of fresh air” but I certainly think Bruno Mars qualifies for that title.  Indeed, he is a true gem and a real pleasure of mine. He has restored my faith in music.


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