Radio Stations I Miss

I live in San Jose, CA.  Therefore, I will be referencing radio stations that only natives of that selfsame area are familiar with. If you are from elsewhere, feel free to zone out.  Of course, if you’re from elsewhere, you’re more than welcome to read and enjoy as you normally would and learn about some local color from out of your comfort zone.

1.  KSJO- When I was a senior in high school, this station was on my  car radio at all times.  No exceptions. I tooled around town with this station on every time I went anywhere.  I still remember Sloppy Joe in the afternoons and Mandatory Metallica every Monday night.  They played heavy metal and classic rock and didn’t give a flyin’ F if anyone like∂ it or not.

2.  KBLX-I still remember their tagline: “The quiet storm, always soft and warm. Smooth Jazz K. . .B. . .L. . .Xxxxxxxxx.” They played some awesome smooth jazz selections on here.  Keiko Matsui, Lee Ritenour, Oingo Boingo, and so many others.

3. Live 105-I know they’re technically still around but it’s not really the same.  Live 105 used to be the preeminent grunge/hard rock station in this area.  It was pretty much how I was introduced to Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day and others.  Now you hear garbage bands like The Killers on there.  Where have all the cowboys gone indeed.


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