Puddle of Mudd-“Come Clean”-2001

I can remember being a senior in high school tooling around town in the 1996 Ford Mustang that I had with this band blaring on the radio. If I had to make a soundtrack for my senior year, the songs “Blurry” and “Control” from this album are definitely part of the track list.

Not sure what has happened to Puddle of Mudd. I think it is definitely safe to say that 2001-2002 was their pinnacle. I do not want to say that they were a proverbial “flash in the pan” but if you can name their other albums off of the top of your head you’re either lying, a huge fan of theirs, a Puddle of Mudd member (former or current,) or you have their wikipedia page up right now.

Speaking of their wikipedia page, I cannot believe how many past band members there are. With that many people cycling through and that many different voices and philosophies adding their voices to the mix, the band is bound to lose the identity that brought it to the forefront in the first place. It’s true that Wes Scrantin is still part of the band, and it’s true that certain bands will remain the same as long certain members remain, but those are bands like Metallica who would still be the same provided Hetfield and Ulrich were still there. Or The Rolling Stones provided Mick Jagger and Keith Richards stuck around. Even Godsmack would still be the same if Sully Erna was the only original member. However, with all due respect, Puddle of Mudd hasn’t reached the status of the bands I just mentioned. In fact, they are verging on the obscure at the moment if you ask me. I hate to say it, but when I went out and purchased “Come Clean” 10 years ago and listened to it that night, I found Wes Scrantin’s voice to be a little annoying after a while. When I listened to it subsequently, I found myself only listening to “Blurry” and “Control” and skipping the other songs. Sadly, when I spoke to my friends who also had the album, they felt the same.

All the negatives aside, I really still enjoy those two marquis songs created by Puddle of Mudd. The band will always have a special place in my heart because those two special songs, appeared at a very special time in my life.
album cover


One response to “Puddle of Mudd-“Come Clean”-2001

  • LainaLain


    Yeah I was into Puddle of Mudd too. I was more into the ‘Control’ video than the song itself though. I like when he threw the keys away. I found that aggression to be quite attractive lmao.

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