Video Game Music

Fellow blogger LainaLain has really inspired me to think about music in video games.  This post will be sort of a mishmash of my two passions but, I will try to be as reserved as possible and not get too excited.  Don’t worry-I’ve taken precautions in case I do get too excited.  We just Scotchguarded the sofa and I put a towel down.  Here is the list in no particular order. Enjoy:

1.  Halo-It was the first time I’d ever heard Gregorian Monk chants, let alone heard them in a video game.  I can still remember the thrill I got hearing those monks’ chants and then hearing the rockestra type sound kicking off that unmistakable theme.

2. Donkey Kong Country-It was jungle themed with a funk element to it and, for one of the first games with 3D graphics, the progressive sound of it was the perfect compliment.

3.  Kirby’s Dreamland-Some of it was hauntingly beautiful, some of it was calm and serene.  The game was really average but, years later, I still get the songs stuck in my head.

4.  The Legends of Zelda Series-The main theme, which has found its way to being a favorite ringtone of poseurs everywhere, is unmistakable but special mention goes to “Ocarina of Time” for the wonderful use of the songs played on the ocarina itself.  Music was a huge part of that particular entry into the series.

5.  Earthworm Jim-This was a really quirky game with the music to match.  The first level of the game had a really techno-ish and almost pop vibe to it.  This is another one of those game songs that gets stuck in my head even to this day.

6.  Grand Theft Auto III-The jazzy number at the opening screen was really cool.  However, I mentioned this one because of the radio stations in the game which played a lot of lesser known, solid pieces.  This game is what introduced me to some of my favorite artists like Royce 5’9′,” Jojo Pellegrino, Black Rob, and Tre Little, to name a few.

I feel that this is enough for you to digest for now.  Perhaps I may post an update/supplement to this later. At the moment, however, I have given you more than enough on which to ruminate during your private, quiet elucidations.

2 responses to “Video Game Music

  • LainaLain

    Halo does have some pretty good music. I didn’t think so until I actually listened to a track or two. In my opinion, the ‘Ocarina of Time’ soundtrack was the best out of all the Zelda’s I played. And it’s damn near impossible not to do a little shake to Donkey Kong music.

    Thanks for the reference btw. 😉

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