Chris Isaak-“Wicked Game”-1989

It’s amazing how a songs can span generations and remain poignant and timeless even to listeners who were not even born or were too young to appreciate them when they were new.  Even though I was just a little shaver when this song was originally released, it became my standby break-up song whenever one of my romantic endeavors went down the dumper.  Now that I am married, the song is still a brilliant piece and still stirs up the old feelings that were present when I used to listen to it with a broken heart.  Granted, it holds a different meaning for me now as I don’t apply it to failed matters of the heart anymore, but it is still applicable whenever I have a rough day or am feeling particularly vulnerable or sensitive on a given occasion.

If you had to explain Chris Isaak’s music to someone who had never heard of him before, they would probably be turned off.  “Well, he’s this guy who has a retro style and has a weird, sort of, wailing to a lot of his songs.”  Chris Isaak has to be experienced.  There is a lot to love about “Wicked Game.” However, one has to be in the right frame of mind to really enjoy it.  If you found $100 in your jacket, scored with the hot barista at Starbuck’s, and got promoted at work becoming the new boss of someone you hate, you’re probably not ready for this song.  However, next time your dog runs off and you get dumped by your significant other, that’s the time to pull this one off of your favorite MP3 supplier.  It is the perfect salve for whatever has wounded or is wounding you.  Well, not really, but at least you’ll be able to tell yourself, “I may be a mess, but at least I’m not as down as the guy singing this.”


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