The title speaks for itself. The band speaks for itself. They really defy convention and refuse to be compartmentalized. Their sound is unique. They can be hard, fast, gritty and unapologetic (See songs like: Black, Waffle, Terminator, Bitch, T.O.A.B.) They can also be soft, sensitive, and beautiful (See songs like: Prayer, Angels Son, and the aptly named, Beautiful.)

Many bands have one facet and then abandon their principals and reinvent themselves when what they’re doing no longer works. Sevendust on the other hand, has stayed true to who they are and their sound has remained true even though their catalog has spanned almost two decades. Not to brag (well, ok, to brag) but I have listened to Sevendust since day 1. I can still remember hearing the song “Black” for the first time. Hearing Sevendust for the first time. Hearing this amazing band for the first time, and being thrilled by them for the first of many times.

For me, Sevendust is more than a band. they are part of my life and, more to the point, part of the fabric of who I am.

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