Green Onions and Adult Diapers

This morning, as I was going through my normal weekday morning routine, the TV was on and tuned to a local news station’s morning show. During the commercial break, I heard what appeared to be a jazzy, muzak version of “Green Onions” by Booker T and the MGs. Well, it was one of those versions of a song where it sounds just enough like the original song so you can recognize it yet it is not an exact copy so they don’t have to worry about royalties or encroaching on the intellectual property of the artist.

Then, as they say in “Enchanted” came “the smolder.”

This was a commercial for adult diapers. That’s right-one of the most influential (not to mention one of the first also) R&B groups is now relegated to hocking a product for incontinent adults. So much for putting Stax on the map thereby opening the door for countless other Soul artists. So much for being one of the first racially diverse music group in the ’60’s. So much for having their sound be imitated by others to frame a genre and a generation. Now their sound is being imitated to cater to Incontinent America.


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