Adele is winning awards-The sad state of music today

It’s not because she’s good. Oh no. It’s because, really, who is her competition? Hmmm. . .let’s see autotune garbage or a big fat whale who almost sounds like a dumbed down version of Cher with a slight head cold. Oh!! Maybe that wonderful Willow song “I whip my hair back and forth” is competition!! (By the way, I’m SURE Willow would have gotten that song recorded even if her dad wasn’t Will Smith. The criticism will stop there because I do enjoy Jada Pinkett-Smith’s metal band, Wicked Wisdom. She actually sounds pretty awesome.) Anyway, don’t think for one second that Adele is winning awards because she’s any good. She knows the right people and there’s no one better to win them and that is what is really sad. Gone are the days of Eric Burdon who strains his voice to hit the right note, Cher with her hauntingly beautiful deep, smoky voice (even SHE uses autotune now! remember “Believe” back in 1999?) or Dexter Holland with his high-pitched paradoxically upsetting and endearing wails which frame every Offspring song so perfectly. Those are just a few of the singers who are but a relic of a better era in music.

So congratulations, Adele on your “victory.” Don’t think for one second you’ve earned my respect because you haven’t. (I know that probably breaks her heart that some faceless nothing typing into a data field doesn’t respect her but it is what it is.) Winning your award is not because the industry loves you. It’s their way of saying “I guess Adele is not as bad as the rest.” I disagree-Adele is just a symptom of a larger issue, and I’m not talking about her cankles. The larger issue is the decline of music as we know it and the fact that mediocre singers are now not only popular, but rewarded. Sad.




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