Monthly Archives: November 2011

Adele is an Annoying, Fat, Slob

I really cannot stand Adele.  I hate her stupid, wannabe, husky voice trying to sound like the great crooners of our time.  Hey you whale, you’re not Aretha Franklin., you’re not Connie Francis.  You’re a loser and, in my opinion, anyone that likes your music is a trendy pile of human excrement who is tone-deaf and mentally defective to the point of not being able to recognize good music.

Adele’s name makes me think of the brand of sausage with a similar name “Aidell’s.”  Ironically enough, Adele looks like she has ingested a few sausages into that circus clown piehole of hers.  I wonder if the song “We could have had it all” is about a cake that she only had one slice of. . .