Monthly Archives: October 2011

Just Discovering Johnny Cash

I am admittedly late to the Johnny Cash party. His work saw a brief resurgence with the movie “Walk the Line” a few years back. However, I stayed away from it because I hate Reese Witherspoon and I REALLY despised that scene in the movie where she went “Baby Baby Baby Baby.” Blech.

However, I have been listening to Johnny Cash’s music as of late. It is the perfect emotional medicine for anyone who’s pissed off and frustrated. When you’re down and feel like no one understands you, he’s just what the doctor ordered. For all of you vagabond spirits hopelessly trapped in the cubicle jungle, he’s the remedy to ease your infirmity and put the breaks on your descent into madness.

Moreover, his piecing together of all of those different cities in “I’ve Been Everywhere” is, in my opinion. one of the best musical accomplishments since Jimi Hendrix played “The Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock.