A Word on “The Love Me Do’s”

I hate cover bands. I just do. They’re horrible. Furthermore, cover bands that have the audacity to CHARGE people to hear them play their own (usually awful) version of someone else’s song really chaps my hide.

A particularly egregious and putrid cover band goes by the name of “The Love Me Do’s.” They have the gall to be a Beatles cover band. While I do hate cover bands, Beatles cover bands are the worst of the worst in my opinion. You don’t paint over a Picasso, you don’t rewrite Shakespeare, and you don’t cover The Beatles. Plain and simple. In a very inattentive moment, I accidentally downloaded their version of The Beatles’ classic “Day Tripper,” having mistaken it for the original I was horrified as I heard how off key and terrible the song was. I looked down to see the album artwork and, to my horror, saw that it was a cover of the song not the original. My advice for The Love Me Do’s is to “love them not.” Thanks for reading. Now go tell people on Facebook about the sandwich you’re making for lunch.


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