T. Bone Burnett-“Humans from the Earth”-1992

I’m not sure if it’s the mysterious dark glasses he wears, the fact that he has an energy that is simultaneously creepy and cool but this song of his really speaks to me.

I love this piece because it has a little sci-fi imagery mixed with political messaging. Ostensibly, I can just take the song for what it’s worth as kind of a jazzy, bluesy, new-agey piece of loveliness. Regardless of the intended message, this is a classic, unique piece.

T. Bone Burnett is also probably one of the most talented musicians you’ve never heard of. And get this: his record label is not paying me to say that! I gave him some free pub because he’s just that good which is a concept that is extinct in today’s blogosphere. Why are you still reading my seemingly ceaseless prattling? Get on iTunes and download some T. Bone Burnett! Go on! Scoot!

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