Chris Brown-“Forever”-2008

We all know the self-proclaimed “Country boy from Tappahannock” could have had a bright career before he beat the hell out of Rihanna. Now he is nothing more than a bleached hair sideshow relegated to join entertainment industry titans like Verne Troyer and Brigitte Nielsen and share their fate of being spit down the reality tv pipes.

To take nothing away from the appeal he once enjoyed, “Forever” is actually an enjoyable piece. Sure it is heavily auto tuned and more machine than Darth Vader, but the lyrics are gentle and enchanting. A young man inviting a young woman to dance. No sexual overtones, no misogynistic lyrics. Simple, wholesome, entertaining.

Sadly, the allure of the song is lost by Chris Brown’s new image. Too bad,too-it could have been to this generation what Luther Vandross’s “Here and Now” was to the Gen X-ers.


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