Aneka-“Japanese Boy”-1981

I could attempt to be hip and act like I knew about this song before I heard it on Flash FM in the 2002 video game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.” However, I won’t. That game did introduce me to this piece and this artist, but I chose to increase my knowledge of both of the aforesaid of my own volition.

The song is really like nothing I have ever heard before. I guess one could make a strong case for the fact that the song belongs in some kind of a dance category, but it really does not fit there comfortable, in my opinion. It is truly unique with its sound and its energy. I enjoy the juxtaposition of lyrics that are consistent with a break-up song presented in an uptempo style.

The sad thing about the song is (other than the message of longing and loss it conveys) that the song branded Aneka with a Japanese image that she could not shake and ultimately undercut her career. Of course there is nothing wrong with Japan or the Japanese culture. Aneka, however, was looked at as more of a Japanese style entertainer which was really a misnomer. She is actually a folk singer more in the Bob Dylan or Country Joe McDonald category. I am sure Linda Blair and Michael Richards would agree that when an entertainer is type-cast, it can be detrimental to their career.


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