Katy Perry f. Kanye West- “ET”-2011

Autotune: Helping Untalented Hacks Have Successful Music Careers.  That should be the real title of this song.  No! Wait! This song should be called “Which one of these artists sounds worse live in concert? Text your answer to 42069696969420”  

This song is nothing more than a haphazard mishmash of two artists who, in my view are the worst artists on the face of the Earth, sound HORRIBLE LIVE, would have no career if it was not for autotune, and have no identifiable talent of any kind.  The only thing missing from this song is a half-cocked cameo from that vacuous, useless, trollop Kim Kardashian. Someone else who, in my opinion, is a disreputable waste of carbon who engages daily in strongarm robbery as she ruthlessly pilfers oxygen from hardworking men and women who truly deserve to breathe it.

For the above reasons I have cited, “ET” should not be listened to by anyone.  Unfortunately, since music is now about marketing and not about talent, per se, “ET” will probably be a top seller on iTunes before I click “publish” for this post.  Hell, it’s probably on your iPod right now.


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