Alice in Chains “No Excuses”-1994

This is easily one of the most iconic pieces of the grunge era in my opinion. “No Excuses” was one of the first number one singles for Alice in Chains on mainstream rock charts. The drum fill intro alone is enough to suck in even a casual music fan. For me, personally, the song was a metaphor for the tensions and conflicts I had with my mother growing up. Even as an adult, the song is still cathartic for me.

I have been thinking quite a bit about Alice in Chains lately due to the recent passing of bassist Mike Starr which, I have read, was due to a mixture of methodone and anxiety medications. Fans of the band also remember that vocalist Layne Staley had his life cut short by drug use as well.

While they will and always will be on the proverbial “grunge rock Mt. Rushmore,” it is sad that their legacy is marred by the macabre warning about the dangers of drug addiction.

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