God Save The Girl – “Come Monday Night” – 2009

When I heard the opening string section of this song at a Starbucks I thought it was “When Will I See You Again” by The Three Degrees.  Soon afterward I realized it wasn’t that song at all, and unfortunately, this was the rare Starbucks without the screen displaying what song was playing.

Something about the lyrics stopped me straight in my tracks.  I stood there in line and was so struck by the song that I just about started bawling in line.  I was so choked up I could barely order.


Well, I suppose it was the optimism of the lyrics.  Something about that consolation of coming home and putting things off.  The idea of sitting in silence.  The idea of being serene at home.  I tried to describe the song to my wife but couldn’t without weeping.

I think it sums up what I long for.  Simplicity.

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