Robert Johnson-“Sweet Home Chicago”-1937

Robert Johnson is the greatest blues musician you’ve probably never heard of.  Without Robert Johnson, there’s no Son House, there’s no BB King, no Eric Clapton. and likely many others.  Those are just a few of the names that Johnson’s work influenced.

“Sweet Home Chicago” is a classic blues recording.  It is just Johnson and his guitar.  No synth, no autotune, no frills of any kind.  And yet, the song is probably one of the most solid pieces I have ever heard.  Johnson’s high pitched voice is an artful wail which is totally conducive to blues and his angst comes through in the song.  With his mastery of the guitar, you would even think that there was more than one musician recording with him. But, the fact remains that it is just Johnson and his guitar.  A single musician with a single instrument who made an indellible impact on an entire genre-and “Sweet Home Chicago” is the anthem for it.


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