Chicago Transit Authority – “Introduction” – 1969

Ah, Chicago before they were Chicago.  The lead off track to their first album, titled “Chicago Transit Authority” (before the real CTA forced them to change their band name) is this incredible piece appropriately titled “Introduction.”

The song, sung by the late guitarist Terry Kath more or less gives a brief synopsis of the band’s intentions:

“So this is what we do
Sit back and let us groove
And let us work on you”

On paper it may sound a little facetious, but from the get-go the call-and-response introduction between the horns and rhythm section, it demands your attention.  It’s a driving song with different “movements” throughout the piece and a fantastic drum break by Danny Seraphine that I’m STILL trying to figure out!

If you want an Introduction to what I consider some of Chicago’s finest work, look no further.


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